Guildford Denture Clinic
We help put a smile on your face

Guildford Denture Clinic has been providing BC residents with quality dentures and smiles. The clinic is located right besides Guildford Town Centre, easily accessible with lots of convenient parking.

Why Choose Us

Our friendly staff are fully trained professionals who have years of extensive experience in dentures. We ensure that their training and knowledge are kept up to date with current advances in the field.

Whether you're considering your first set of dentures or denture over implants, or simply a replacement, let our Registered Denturists assist you with all your denture needs at Guildford Denture Clinic.

Standard Regular Dentures

Standard regular dentures are hand-crafted to suit each and every individual's looks and need. The dentures are created to match a person's facial features, age and complexion.

The teeth, usually made of acrylic and/or porcelain, are set by our registered denturists (RD's) so that they look natural and pleasing. Standard regular dentures should fit most people comfortably and allows them to smile and eat well.

For more information, please check our services page on Complete Dentures.